Study Course – Carved candles for Hobby equipment

Study Course – Carved candles for Hobby equipment


Education for carved candles – 8 DVD and 2 books,
Course including 26 video lessons, about making bases for carved candles, and how to make 7, 11, 17, 21 cm candles.
Make bases,
9 types of 11 cm candles,
2 types of 7 cm candles,
5 types of 17 cm candles,
7 types of 21 cm candles,
115 colors for candles,


Product Description

Study Course – Carved candles for Hobby equipment

• basic knowledge of the production of carved candles, carved features of formation of candle and candle carved billet base
• basics of candle craftsmanship: the temperature modes of processing candle wax, common types and patterns carved candles, how to combine them
• Candle wax: types, features, necessary technological conditions and recommendations
• Operation carved candles – especially carved candles care and safety
• fabrication techniques carved candles at home
• classes and types of equipment for production of carved candles: advantages and development of production technologies carved candles
• professional dyes for use in the candle shop
• Technology carved candles cutting height from 7cm to 21cm, the choice of method of operation, depending on the size of the candle, the candle wax used and temperature conditions, development of practical skills
• production bases; coloring candle wax; manufacturing dipping candles
• basics of color and decoration carved candles – complete sets of schemes
• theoretical / practical exam to obtain a certificate


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