Silicone mold set – 11mix


Quantity: 3 pcs in the set

View: straight, canted,

Type: 2 six-pointed star, 1 eight-pointed star

Size H: 11 cm

Material: High-strength silicone

Non-stick coating, easy to clean

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, harmless to human body.



Silicone molds for the manufacture of foundations for the carved candles.

Silicone molds allows you to:
1. get a multifaceted framework for carved candles
2. convenient and easy to get ready base
3. Pour wax paraffin base without leakage through the holes for the wick.

We like silicone molds for:
practicality. Silicone molds for casting base carved candles high-wear, easy maintenance and low thermal conductivity.
Copying. The ability to produce a base with a high degree of reliability of the original form.
Environmentally friendly. Silicone molds produce zero emissions during pouring hot wax

Protect form of contact with cutting and piercing items!

silicone mold is used for manufacturing equipment carved candles.
Recommended amount of silicone molds depends on the performance of the underlying hardware.
Fill in the form of wax is best done through a funnel.


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