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Hobby MINI Set Standard
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MINI Standard SET


MINI Standard SET – candle equipment, silicone molds and dyes to expand production of carved candles at home. More color, more capacity, more carved candles!

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Product Description

MINI Standard SET semiprofessional candle equipment for production of carved candles

It includes:

  1. Wax Melter Hobby “MINI”   
  2. Silicone mold set – 761                                       
  3. Silicone mold set – 762                   
  4. Silicone mold set – 782                     
  5. Silicone mold set – 1161                     
  6. Silicone mold set – 1162                    
  7. Silicone mold set – 1182                    
  8. Silicone mold set – 17 mix                
  9. Carved candles colorants set 1
  10. Wicks “S” for candles                          
  11. Bamboo sticks                                               2 pieces
  12. Training Video  DVD                                   5 pieces
  13. Training Guide Book
  14. Certificate candle wizard
  15. Basic Time Tracking

It allows you to make hand carved candles at home.
For all customers a free support.
Delivery anywhere in the world.

Additional Information

Dimensions 143 x 55 x 85 cm