Carved candles colorants set 1


Type: dye pigment based on immersion
Weight: 800 g
Colors:   Red – 1, Orange – 1, Yellow – 1, Green – 1, Blue – 1, Violet – 1, White – 2
Material: wax-based colorant Pigment

Recommended dye stream – 1% for two dives, 1.5% in one of the dives candles.


Wax dye pigments are specially designed for surface staining candles (DIP candles in colored paraffin / stearin).

Dyes for candles are convenient and easy to use.

The recommended amount of the colorant to be added to molten paraffin and thoroughly stirred until a uniform color.

Pastilles processing dust strong,

good behavior combustion

good color stability, requires no stabilizer

good ability to coat varnishes with a candle

comply with RAL-requirements for candles


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