Candle Carving Wax Melter Business 12XL

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Eco-Friendly Candle Carving Wax Melter.

Digitally controlled precise heating from 5-100°C.

All dipping tanks are double walled, fully insulated to minimize heat loss, maximize efficient operation and potentially reduce burns.

Equipment has 12 containers for colored wax to volume > 37 liters each.

Plugs into 220v or 110v outlet.
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Candle carving melting tanks are specially designed for the professional cut and carve Artisan to produce quality candles. The equipment is wax melter for colored wax , with 12 cells and the ability to maintain a constant temperature within the specified limits.

Designed for running your own business based on produced of carved candles.

This wax melter produces carved candles to h-50 cm.

All items of equipment and components made ​​of stainless steel.

Candle Carving Wax Melter Business 12XL  allows to manufacture carved candles simultaneously to four masters.

Has key features: two heating elements in stainless steel, with a high safety factor , electronic temperature control unit , drain valve .

Product Warranty 1 year .

The device comes with instruction manual .

For all customers a free technical support .

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Dimensions 175 × 65 × 85 cm